Bosphorus Dinner Cruise and Turkish Night Show in Istanbul3,5 HoursDaily

Bosphorus Dinner Cruise and Turkish Night Show in Istanbul: You will have time to visit 2 different places to visit within Turkey through tour. Those places are Istanbul, Bosphorus Strait.

Available Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

At What time is Night Cruise (Dinner Cruise) started?

How much does Bosphorus dinner cruise cost?

How long is the Bosphorus Dinner Night Cruise?

Is the Bosphorus a river?

What color is Bosphorus?

Is the Bosphorus man made?

What is the narrowest strait in the world?

What is the best things to visit in Istanbul?

Can you walk across the Bosphorus?

What is Bosphorus Cruise?

What is Bosphorus night cruise?

How much does Bosphorus night cruise cost?

What is the meaning of Bosphorus?

Is the Bosphorus international waters?

How deep is the Bosphorus Strait?

Is there a river in Istanbul?

Can you swim in the Bosphorus?

How long is the Bosphorus Cruise?

How much does Bosphorus cruise cost?

Is Bosphorus a international waters?

Is there bosphorus cruise during the day in Istanbul?

Here is the list of the bosphorus cruise by day!

  1. Bosphorus Cruise tourhalf day in the morning.
  2. Bosphorus cruise tour half day in the afternoon
  3. Bosphorus cruise sightseeing 2,5 hourrs in the middle of the day.
  4. Bosphorus cruise & two continents tour full day
  5. Bosphorus cruise & Ottoman relics tour full day.
  6. Bosphorus cruise & Byzantine Relics Tour full day.
  7. Bosphorus cruise & Cable car tour half day in the afternoon
  8. Bosphorus cruise & Black Sea tour half day in the afternoon
  9. Bosphorus cruise for lunch half day in the afternoon.
  10. Bosphorus cruise for dinner
  11. You may get the more details from the

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